Monday, November 7, 2011

Jamaica Steamed Fish & Okra

At my niece’s request, Steamed Fish was on the Dinner Menu tonight and boy did I put my foot in it (figuratively speaking of course) J

As an Island girl, this is comfort food for me. My mom didn’t eat much meat so we had fish, cooked every way you can think of, nothing to complain about because it was healthy and if there was an objection about eating fish again for dinner, well, there’s always plenty vegetables.

A good steamed fish is one of the most satisfying meals anyone can make, and Snapper is always my go to fish when thinking about steaming, its flesh always seem to be the perfect pair for the sauce. It’s not only healthy but imagine the succulent flesh falling from the bone surround by tender vegetables, melt in your mouth crackers floating atop of a well seasoned fish sauce, oh boy, how could I say no.

Everyone has their own method or family recipe for a making tasti steamed fish, well; this is mine.
Its how my mom made it, its how my granddaddy made it, and I haven’t changed a thing because it’s perfect just the way it is.



4 lb Snapper, (cleaned & ready for cooking)
1 lb Okra, heads sliced off
1 carrot, julienned
2 stalks of escallion
1 sprig of thyme
Fish seasoning to taste
1 tablespoon Paprika
1 tablespoon fish seasoning
1/2 packet grace fish tea
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon garlic powder
Salt to taste
Excelsior Water Crackers (optional)
Scotch bonnet pepper (optional)


  1. Making sure the fish is clean
  2. Season with black pepper, salt, and fish seasoning.
  3. Add fish to a pot with 2 cup of water, grace fish tea and bring to a boil (pot should be wide enough to fit everything, and water should be just enough to cover the fish)
  4. Add carrots and okra, thyme, escallions, pepper and cover pot. (if you are daring enough you can add the pepper whole or just dice a small piece and add it to the pot)
  5. Depending on the thickness of the fish, let steam for 20 minutes over medium heat, until everything is cooked
  6. At this point taste the pot and add excelsior water crackers, cover again for an additional 10 minutes.
  7. Remove from heat and serve

prepped and ready for steaming

the grace fish tea can be found in the caribbean aisle of your grocery store,
beware of the scotch bonnet pepper, it takes no prisoners, so please use care when handling
water crackers, fat free and works great when it absorbs the fish sauce the Geico commercial says; "YOU HAVE TO TRUST ME ON THIS ONE"  :)

Ready for Veggies

Cut the heads off the Okra

Everyone in the pool

after 20 minutes of sitting on the sidelines,
the crackers are ready for a close up



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  1. Rather! This was a very great submit. Thanks on your furnished data.

  2. Sitting here hungry just looking up food and ran into this one. Steam fish is the best. All I would add is butter to the fish after I clean it. Something a little butter does to it that I just love it. Also I must have nuff scotch bonnet for my fish.

    Nice post!!

  3. Nice! Cooking this tonight. :)

  4. Very good made this and it came out good and taste good.

  5. really nice cooking

  6. made this and it taste so good

  7. My husband love this & this is his favourite....thanks to this recipe he was a happy man....

  8. My husband love this steam fish its his favorite....thanks to your recipe Lisa it gave me great ideas & enough motivation to surprise him with his favourite dish....thank you.

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