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My name is Lisa; born Jamaican living in South Florida for more than a decade.  I’ve been cooking since I was 6 years old, and that’s just about old enough growing up in Jamaica, you grow up fast and you learn young.

Growing up I always admired my Mom, watching her as she sashayed her way though the kitchen whipping up fancy dishes with ease, which made me want to create tasti dishes that’s pleasing to the eye and wonderful on the palette. I picked up a lot of my culinary skills from my granddad, who was a chef at a young age & also enjoy being in the kitchen. I'm thankful he took the time to pass on his gifts to me.

I took food & nutrition in school so I could be a little closer to the one thing I had a passion for and after high school, I wanted to pursue a personal career in the culinary field so I got myself into Culinary School, loving every miniute of my adventure, I then got a chance to apprentice under several highly-regarded chefs, who gave me the extra culinary expertise and the sense of professionalism I needed to exceed on my own. (it was tough but well worth it).

I love to travel, so I’ll take you on the road with me, as I search for the “best dishes” to soothe the traveling foodie in me J
(Carnegie Deli is a NYC)

In-between being a In-Home Private Chef, teaching cooking classes, launching my catering busines Cloud 9 Cakes, and Meal Prepping for my clients, I have taken a variety of culinary classes, and attended various culinary seminars to keep abreast of the latest culinary trends.

I have always enjoyed prepping exceptional meals and although  I have an extensive repretoire of recipes, what I value most is preparing dishes that appeal to my clients' personal taste, skipping the additives and bringing farm fresh meals to the table.

Outside of Cooking, Working out and Traveling, I’m a Mother to the very lovely Arianna; my rambunctious Daughter, who keeps me on my toes, a very picky eater who inspires me to be more creative in making different things that even she will eat; our food journey is an adventure that we both relish in.

Nothing makes me more proud than when I’m ready to prepare a meal and she comes in and says; “MOMMY CAN I HELP?: its the most rewarding feeling not to mention massive bonding time, since we are both always on the go.
 Mommys'  lil Princess

(Ms. Anna, making chocolate chip cookies,  Age 2)

 (perfecting her Spaghetti Dog, Age 4)

I'm a pisces so naturally I love the ocean, and even though, I would rather be doing this all day long, I couldnt sit still to save my life.

So I launched this blog, Eat Fit - Live Well by Lisa’s Tasti Delight to keep busy, while sharing my life, my passion and everything in-between. If you haven’t heard, I love SHOES & I love to crossfit, I love to COOK, and I’m No PRO at taking photographs but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

So in here you’ll find out how to make dishes from all over the globe along with a few cocktails. There’s always something for everyone, and most dishes are very kid-friendly, so you can get the kids hands on in the kitchen.

Considering my background, my cooking style is more of a Caribbean Flare gone Global. I love trying to recreate what I ate at a restaurant, I actually take pride in picking apart what the chef added into the recipe before it hit my plate, a little quirky, but trueJ.

I always enjoy hearing from fellow bloggers, subscribers, and friends.
Got a cooking question or a suggestion? please feel free to drop me a line at  lisagoycochea@gmail.com, or you can also submit questions on my Facebook Page, which can be helpful to others as well.

Check me out on Instagram Cloud9_Cakes

I'm also in the process of publishing a few cookbooks, so look out for those and in the meantime ...welcome to my kitchen.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Goycochea

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