Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spooky Appe-Tini

After a long day of playing super mom, I felt like I need a Martini and since we are in October, everywhere you turn, there’s something either scary, creepy or down right gross looking. So of course I had to make something in the spirit of Halloween.

For this recipe you can use any kind of punch desired, mulled wine or just juice for the kids.

For the apple heads
·        4 tiny firm apples
·        1/2 cup lemon juice - (to keep apples from browning)
·        Peel, and halve apples lengthwise and remove seeds
·        Sprinkle with lemon juice to keep from turning brown
·        Using whatever tools you have; carve out the eye sockets, nose and mouth -  I used my pumpkin carving kit which was perfect.
·        Return finished carve apple to lemon juice until ready to use.

Making my drink
·        2 part cran-apple juice cocktail
·        1 part green apple twist vodka 
·        Shake together,  Ice, cran-apple juice and vodka in cocktail shaker
·        Pour into a martini glass and garnish with a spooky apple head

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