Private Chef

In-Home Private Chef:

It all begins with a no-obligation client assessment. I will come to your home to gather information from you and your family. At this initial meeting I will also need to look at your kitchen. During our meeting we will fill out a client assessment form and we will discuss your culinary likes and dislikes, food allergies, special nutritional or dietary needs, and other questions, concerns, or goals you may have. I will use this information to create menus that will suit you and your family's personal preferences.

Prior to your cooking date, a customized menu will be created for you and your family allowing you to make selections for your next set of meals. My clients get to choose what they want to eat. Your recipes are always welcome. If there is a special recipe that you want to try just let me know. It is my goal to work with you to create meals that you look forward to.

I do all the grocery shopping and only pick the freshest and highest quality foods. If you have a special grocery store or butcher that you prefer me to shop in I will gladly do so. I prepare the meals for you in your kitchen. If you are not equipped with all the cooking utensils I can bring all my own, pots, pans, and pantry goods that is needed to prepare and cook your selected menu.

After I have completed cooking and packaging all your food, I leave your home filled with aromas to tantalize your taste buds. When you come home, you will find delicious meals ready to eat stored in your refrigerator and freezer (depending on your needs), labeled with easy to follow heating instructions.

If you would like, when you are ready, we will work together to design your first menu and schedule your first cook date.

My services include:

• In-Home Client Assessment
• Custom Menu Planning
• Grocery Shopping For Menu Selected
• Prepare and Cook Your Meals in Your Own Kitchen
• Label and Package Meals as Desired
• Kitchen Clean Up
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