Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cookie Cutter Crazy

So while going throught my local walmart houseware aisle, I came across this  “beautiful box of 101 cookie cutters from Wilton”, On Sale, tucked away on the bottom shelf.  It’s almost like the sky opened up, that imaginary light came down and the sweet sound of those harmonious trumpets started playing.

Inspecting the box, I thought to myself;  this many cookie cutters? with this price tag? …No Way!
 looking around I found the item scanner, fingers crossed I scanned the box …it rang up $9.99. 

Oh my! …there’s no way I could walk away and not get it. I get 101 cutters for the same price I would buy individual cutters online, not to mention shipping and handling.  so of course I bought it.

Now I have more cookies cutters than I have place to store them, so now what ???

Its time to bake & decorate some cool cookies ofcourse J

stay tuned !! 

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