Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Save the Ta-Ta's

Save the Ta-Ta’s
 (Making Strides Against Breast Cancer)

This year, the American Cancer Society encouraged people to “put on their pink bra” in the fight against breast cancer. The pink bra is a resounding symbol of how personal this disease is to women. It is a call to arms to fight back against breast cancer by supporting the mission, while also empowering women on their cancer journey.  For more information visit:

Alot of people don’t know this, but every year, I join the fight in memory of my grandmother, two of my aunts and friends that still struggle with the disease. I lace up my shoes and join millions of women as they unite for one cause, The Breast Cancer Walk. 

We spent days in the office deciding where to get bras to decorate, chit chatted about how we are going to decorate them, we even had a silent auction to auction off bras to the ladies who were decoratively challenged (I hope that’s a word J).  

Saturday morning bright and early everyone laced up their walking shoes, put on their pink bras and met at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center, excited about taking on the journey.

Our Group leader Darlene talked me into wearing the Fighter Outfit, it was cute but I thought it would be more suited for someone that’s not my size. I really thought it was a little much and of course I didn’t want to offend or take away from the cause.

Darlene was convinced I would look great in this outfit, she said; think it over.   I took it home, thought about it, chickened out, and thought about it some more, I even tried to convince my niece who is (thinner) to wear it, but after her persistent No!  ... I gave in and decided; what the heck, what’s the worse that could happen. “Here I am being self conscious about how I'm going to look in a costume for a walk that’ll only last a couple hours, when there are women out there that aren’t able to join us for the walk or still going through chemotherapy or even had to under go a double mastectomy. So my logic trumped my vanity and to my surprise, everyone loved it, from kids to the elderly wanted to take pictures with me, ofcourse that brought a smile to my face because I was being silly for letting my vanity get the best of me J.

Everyone looked so beautiful in pink, even the babies were deck out in their pink bras, we had a wonderful turnout. The men came fully dressed in pink from Mohawk to Tutu's, it was cute but wonderful that we had that much support.

A Special Thank You
…to the venders and volunteers that made it possible, we had plenty of refreshments, a full breakfast bar, entertainment, smiling families, friends and fun for everyone. 

For everyone that put on their snazzy decorated bras, laced up their walking shoes and followed the path of hope by Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ladies in the office tryin on their decorated bras 

                                                                     My friend Erlinda is so creative

                                                                    All the bras came out so beautiful

                                                                                               Part of our group

My niece put on her pink bra and walked with us

thats a wrap (time to go nite nite cancer) :)

 ....we all continue to fight for more birthdays
                                                           so see you on the ‘Path of Hope’  ~ Lisa

Did You Know:
More than 11 million Americans who have a history of cancer will celebrate another birthday this year. The American Cancer Society knows how special a birthday can be: a celebration of life, a marker of progress. Lets join us them, because together we’ll save more lives and help everyone celebrate more birthdays.
Find out more at 1-800-227-2345 or

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