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Welcome to My Home-Kitchen;

An introduction to using what you have in your pantry, and turning it into something wonderful and different every night of the week. Everyone gets tired of serving the same meals everyday or night of each week, but here in my home kitchen, I can help you harness the basic skills you need, to get you on your way to serving, tasty, pleasing to the eye weeknight meals that everyone will enjoy.

For maximum learning, each class will be tailored different, using different techniques while preparing each dish.

You will learn the basics of:
• Wine paring for special occasions
• Easy weeknight meals under 30 minutes
• Quick and easy semi-homemade desserts
• Great appetizers that’ll disappear before they hit the table
• Simple, yet satisfying meals for the hungry man in your life
• Turning simple everyday staple ingredients into a retreat in your mouth.
• A little something for your picky eater

My Cooking Classes offer an intimate hands-on cooking lesson in my home-kitchen, located in Ft. Pierce, Florida.  Through these in-home courses, students are hands on in all aspects of the food preparation. They’ll learn how to prepare the foods they love to eat, in a relaxing environment.

To make the most of these classes, each student receives a complete recipe packet and enjoys a full sit-down dinner at the end of each class. (Students are welcome to bring wine to compliment their meal)

"IS MY KITCHEN BIG ENOUGH?" As long as you can put a cutting board down (in the kitchen or on the dining room table) as many times as there are students, you can comfortably learn to cook in my home-kitchen.

- Full payment is required before the class begins
- Adults and any children 13+ are welcome to join us.
- Each class is $50 pp and is approximately 2 hours long, which gives us enough time to prepare a complete meal.

Sign-up Early for Your 2nd Class and get $10 off


We can accommodate even the most difficult of schedules! After work, and weekend classes are all available.

As a courtesy, I require a 24-hour notice by phone to reschedule any booked class, just in case we don't catch the email on-time.

The classes range from the basics (How to Cook Fish, Six Basic Cooking Techniques, Summer Dishes, Winter Braising) to cuisine-focused favorites. All menus are tailored to suit the tastes and skill level of each student.

Unless requested, in each class we’ll be using a different cooking technique, inspired by a different cuisine. Recipes include but are not limited to: American, Caribbean (East & West), Creole, French, Spanish, East Indian, Mediterranean etc. and each student will receive a take home recipe booklet with all the meals that were prepared for that class.

To get up to date information on classes, please contact me at:

Don't forget to Register early because Classes Fill very fast: 

* Cooking Class Registration Form *

Food is my passion; so I love what I do, and my only hope is to inspire you to create wonderful dishes for yourself and your family.

    Bon Appetit
    Lisa Goycochea 
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