How It Works


How it Works:

Meal Prep Coordinator(5 meals for 5 days)

Healthy Meal Prepping can be a tedious job, especially when you are busy, so let’s face it; we all want to look good but don’t always find the time to eat well, and since proper nutrition is crucial, it so often suffers because not everyone has the time.

We all juggle a lot on a daily basis, so In-between working long hours, fitness schedule, school, family and a social life; it’s hard to stick to a well balanced healthy meal.

So that’s where I come in, I work with you to create and take the stress out of eating better. You save time while maximizing health benefits, all meals are Diabetic friendly, Low in Sodium, Saturated Fat and Cholesterol.
So what are you waiting for, Call me and Lets Get you Started
From Planning to Delivery:
A menu for the Month (Lunch and Dinner) is posted on the website, I will also email & deliver hard copies to your gym/crossfit.  (if you didnt receive a copy, please email or call me and one can be forwarded to you)
Its  5 Dinners for 5 days Paleo, Weight Watchers, Low Carb/Calorie, Atkins or South Beach etc., all depending on your health needs.

Each Thursday, you have until 11pm to place your order.

Friday/Saturday: Shopping and Prepping.

Sunday:Meals are Prepared fresh and Delivered to your home, gym or designated pickup spot. 

Serving Sizes: Rx and Rx+
Everything is weighed before cooking to ensure proper portion size (Rx). Considering that some may be doing a more intense workout, I also offer a larger portion; in this case please get with me so we can make sure your meals fit your intake (Rx+)

I do Cater to Athletes that are BULKING. I can work around your Meal Plan so please Email me before, placing/paying for the order. 

Just follow the re-heating instructions, which can be microwaved for about 2-3 minutes or if you choose to, you can transfer the meal to an oven safe container and heat it up in the oven.

Gym Delivery Locations available for Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie
For a Small Delivery Charge I can deliver to your Home, Traditions, PGA, Vero Beach, Jensen Beach or Stuart

Email Me for Details:

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